Olalures testfish squad

Olalures Testfish Squad

Jim Bäckman - Gävle

Dad who can drive out and fish in his nice suit on his way to a wedding. If he has ten minutes left, he walks out and do some pikefishing. He is pursuing his fishing by the shoreline. He spends a lot of time searching for new fishing waters.

Felix Pettersson - Blekinge


Felix became famous in the sportfishingindustry when he became one of the finalists in Kanalgratis PIKE HERO of 2017. He is young but already a superficial pike fisherman. In 2017 he has captured over 500 pike with a top of 112cm / 10.04kg on a CrazyO Tail from Olalures. He is now the owner of the record of largest pike on Olalures baits.

122cm and 12,05kg hooked on a Hooligan Roach.