CrazyO - Tail

CrazyO - Tail

CrazyO - Tail

My first tail bait that is designed for very slow fishing but still with a lot of movement in the pasture. Can be fished with shallowscrews and the weightskull. Light thrown due to the weight is in the front part of the bait.

When the spinning stops, so the bait sink nose first and the bait continues to have movement in the tail.

One verry effective fishing lure.

Top 5 award softbait in Swedish BaitBuilders baitbuild 2015/16.

Summary of the jury comments:

Top 5 Soft Bait - This will deliver many fine pike! Very nice finish, nice detail, superb movement and cool idea whit the reinforcing mesh. Impressive!


Awesome bait that will deliver. + for the reinforcing mesh in the tail. -Kristian Stam Stampelures.

This work will deliver many fine pike! Very nice finish, beautiful details, superb movement and awsome idea whit the reinforcing mech. Impressive! - Robert Martinsson.

Awesome bait with really attractive tail, impressive craftsmanship with glassfiber reinforced tail, etc., behave nicely even without airbrush. - Sthlm Fishing.

Weight: 100-110g

Total size: 30cm

Size of body: 15cm

Price: 119-189kr SEK / each.