Olalures testfish squad

Olalures Testfish Squad

Paul Falk - Karlshamn.


This guy is not no particular known but it is a really good angler and one of my best fishing buddies that I have.

He always has an eye on the latest fishing gear and what works.

He fishes obviously with my Lures and captures large blekinge pike.

Imanol, "Wolf" - North of Spain.


This guy has over 15K followers on Instagram (@THE_RIVER_WOLF), and it's no wonder about he's talent like ProAngler. He's also working on a very popular online fishing magazine in Spain, "Coto de Pezca", with an average of near 100,000 readers per month. He has caught several pikes and perchs on my bait GreatHerring, including his personal best perch on almost 3kg and over 50cm. A real dream fish.



Jens "gäddan" Hedström


The guy is a famous angler with many nice pike on his conscience, and many fine credentials in the luggage.

He fishes almost exclusively with rubber baits and manufactures him self rubber lures under the name JH Lures. Expert in the pelagic spin fishing for big pike. On Instagram, he has over 1400 followers. Please check out his profile @JENSA_H


Robin Sonesson - Olofström


This guy is not very known in the sportfishing industry, but he has a big heart and a passion for fishing with rubber baits. He loves my work and I have decided to give him the chance to go fishing with my Olalures. His home waters are Blekinge and Ivösjön.

Anders Bylov - Denmark


Pike Team Ferrari. Pike angler from Denmark. Started pikefishing with deadbaits and casting in 2011 and trolling back in 2012. He decides to enter the Pike wallis turnement in 2014 and won. He has his on website www.piketeamf.com, Facebook team and instragram profile. In februar he was in the danish angler magazine Fri & fri with his first artickle about pikefishing.

If you can not find the desired lure or color in the webshop please contact me for a special order at



Dad who can drive out and fish in his nice suit on his way to a wedding. If he has ten minutes left, he walks out and do some pikefishing. He is pursuing his fishing by the shoreline. He spends a lot of time searching for new fishing waters.

Jim Bäckman - Gävle